Art Show Entries

These three pieces of mine were recently exhibited in a local art show:

The Pups
The Pups were one of just three pieces of clay art selected for the juried show.


Lily Pond Tile Mural
This tile mural of a lily pond is carved lightly so it remains functional as a serving tray since the surface is relatively flat.   The tiles may be removed from the tray for use individually or in smaller groupings, such as for a trivet.


Totemic Salmon
A combination of carving and bas relief style buildup, this totemic salmon is the only piece of mine that I’ve kept for myself.



Author: Maggie Rascal

Maggie Rascal is the alter ego of Seattle-area writer M.P. Witwer. Together they create insightful (and sometimes humorous) poetry and prose.

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