Ms. Foxie

I made this custom handcrafted artisan clay tile, approximately 11″ x 9″, expressly for Hoot! — a gala event and auction to benefit Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. The tile features a head and shoulders carving of Foxie Chimpanzee (depicted in shades of teal) against a background of bold brush strokes in vivid colors, among which are hidden two images of Foxie’s beloved troll dolls.

foxie2 lowres

Art Show Entries

These three pieces of mine were recently exhibited in a local art show:

The Pups
The Pups were one of just three pieces of clay art selected for the juried show.


Lily Pond Tile Mural
This tile mural of a lily pond is carved lightly so it remains functional as a serving tray since the surface is relatively flat.   The tiles may be removed from the tray for use individually or in smaller groupings, such as for a trivet.


Totemic Salmon
A combination of carving and bas relief style buildup, this totemic salmon is the only piece of mine that I’ve kept for myself.